Freeride compared to Freerace vs Slalom


Freeride boards

Best Freeride Windsurfing boardFreeride as a concept extends over a large number of board types and board characteristics. A freeride board tends to be more comfortable and forgiving than many boards within the Freerace segment.

Super Carvers vs Blasting Boards

Within the freeride segment you’ll find super carvers as Starboard Carve, Quatro Freeride and RRD FireRide. At the other end of the spectra you will find blasting boards as Fanatic Hawk and Mistral Screamer, freeride boards that will require a lot from you as a sailor, but will reward you with a top speed competitive to many windsurfing boards within the Freerace segment.

Tabou Rocket vs Starboard Carve

Tabou Rocket is an excellent compromise with slightly less carving performance than the best carvers and slightly less top speed than the best blasting boards. On the other hand the Tabou Rocket will give you a really good average speed, thanks to early planing, great acceleration combined with awesome top-end control. Starboard Carve is an excellent and fun carving machine with great top-speed. Compared to the Rocket the Starboard Carve is considered to be slightly faster but a bit more demanding in over powered conditions.

Freeride faster than Freerace?

Many freeride boards offer you high performance that is easy to unlock. If you are a beginner or intermediate and into speed you will probably go faster on a high performance freeride board than most of the boards within the more demanding Freerace or Slalom board segment.
>> Freeride board tests

Best Freerace Windsurfing boardFreeRace boards

The freerace board is a golden compromise between the comfort and forgiving characteristics of a freeride board combined with the more hard core straight line performance of a Slalom Board. The Freerace boards are  more demanding than the freeride boards but if you are skilled enough you will be able to squeeze some extra knots/performance from your Freerace board.

Freerace – User friendly Slalom performance

Within the freerace segment you will find hard core freerace beasts like the RRD FireRace. The RRD FireRace is as close as you get to a pure slalom board without loosing all the user friendliness that a freerace board normally offers. At the other end you will find user friendly freerace boards as the Starboard Futura and the Fanatic Ray. The Futura and the Ray are almost as fast as the RRD FireRace and almost as user friendly as a freeride board, a combination that is hard to beat.
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Slalom boards

The slalom board category holds user friendly freerace-like-boards like the Tabou Manta and straight the straight line rockets like the Starboard iSonic.

Slalom faster than Freerace? - The average speed is crucial

If you are skilled enough to handle a pure racing machine, most Slalom boards are faster than any Freerace board when it comes to straight line performance. When it comes to gybing however, the slalom board can be more than a hand full and nobody likes to be overtaken by a freerace rider or, in worst case, a rider on freeride gear. The average speed is crucial. >> Slalom board tests


GoPro Boom and Mast mount DIY

The GoPro HD Hero2 camera is one of the best sport cams on the market. To mount the GoPro on your windsurfing mast or boom you can use the included helmet mount or you can easily make your own boom and mast mount.
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>> GoPro HD Helmet HERO – Boom mount included
>> GoPro HD Hero mast and boom mount in action

Ice Board DIY 1.0

When the windsurfing season is over its time for you to follow our Ice Board project, Boardtests Ice Board 1.0. We will take you trough the process from a simple drawing to a full scale Ice Board.
>> Ice Board DIY 1.0

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