Fanatic Hawk 120 – Test 2010, 2011 and 2012

Fanatic Hawk 120 – Test 2010, 2011 and 2012


Fanatic Hawk LTD 2011Fanatic Hawk 120 is considered to be the fastest boards in this category. At the same time the Fanatic Hawk requires a little bit more experienced sailor when it comes to gybing.

The Fanatic Hawk does not have the same “auto pilot mode” as some of the other boards in the test. The Fanatic Hawk can be a bit hard to handle in overpowered conditions and its several boards in the test that get higher scores than the Fanatic Hawk regarding top end control.

Despite that it stands clear that the Fanatic Hawk is really really fast and one of the most exiting windsurfing boards in this category.

Fanatic Hawk updates

Fanatic Hawk 2010 – 100L and 120L new shape compared to 2009
Fanatic Hawk 2011 – 110L and 135L new shape compared to 2009
Fanatic Hawk 2012 – The board range remains unchanged

Fanatic Hawk – Read about the uppdates 2009 vs 2010

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Hard facts – Fanatic Hawk 120

Manufacturer: Fanatic,
Designer: Sebastian Wenzel

Length: 245 cm
Width: 68 cm
Volume: 120 L

Weight: 6,8 (LTD), 7,7 (STD)
Sail range: 5,5 – 8,5

Sebastian Wenzel (shaper) – Fanatic Hawk 2010 & 2011:

The Fanatic Hawks are fully CAD designed, analysed and shaped on the CNC shaping machine. We re-tuned the existing, super-fast Fanatic Hawk rocker line and carefully analysed the outline curves to support the overall performance. Apr 28, 2010 – Fanatic Hawk 120

The Fanatic Hawk 120 is the choice for riders wanting a really fast board that can still rip through jibes. No matter how hard you push this board the nose stays put, and like a true race board, the Fanatic Hawk remains steady the harder you push across chop.

The inboard footstrap position on the Fanatic Hawk is not as comfortable and can be out—accelerated leaving you unbalanced and finding it difficult to head upwind. An aftermarket fin is a must for those looking to push the Fanatic Hawk to its slalom limits.

A serious amount of commitment is required to engage the rail with a modern over-sheeted jibe. When done correctly it makes for a tighter than expected jibe and a huge smile on your face.  As a freeride board the Fanatic Hawk is as fast as they get and we would strongly recommend the Fanatic Hawk to anyone new to racing.

Planchemag (FR) March/April 2012 – Fanatic Hawk 110


Boards (UK) August 2010Fanatic Hawk 120:

The Fanatic Hawk feels very light, lively and almost frictionless under your feet. It really does feel lightning quick and rightly earns the title of ‘fastest board on test’. The Fanatic Hawk actually gives a sensation of speed that none of the other boards come close to matching.

In fact, everything is fantastic until you reach the top end of the wind spectrum at which point the light and exciting ride gets just a little frisky on the Fanatic Hawk. But in conditions that ‘most’ freeriders sail in the Fanatic Hawk will simply give a lively and exciting ride which many sailors will love it for.

The outboard foot position on the Fanatic Hawk is very comfortable and felt perfectly balanced at speed.

In the corners the Fanatic Hawk can crank a tight gybe as well as anything here. If you go at it with full commitment you’ll come out with a big smile on your face. If you’re a bit more hesitant in the gybe you’ll find the Fanatic Hawk a little unsettled underfoot, and it doesn’t hold its line as well as some others unless driven hard.

The Fanatic Hawk is an absolute rocketship, offering unquestionably the most exciting ride of this group, but be prepared for a white knuckle ride at the top end.

Fanatic Hawk 2010, 2011 and 2012 – The shaper Sebastian Wenzel tells us about the new features

Other windsurfing boards in the same test:

Exocet Sting 124, Fanatic Hawk 120, Goya FXR 125, JP X-Cite Ride 120, Naish Global Freeride, Quatro Freeride, RRD FireRide 125, Starboard Carve 121 and Tabou Rocket 125.

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