Starboard Carve 121 test 2010 & 2011

Starboard Carve 121 test 2010 & 2011


Starboard Carve 121 board tests 2010Starboard Carve 121 has received very good ratings in different board tests. It is one of the fastest boards in this category, only the Fanatic Hawk 120 was faster in the Boards (UK) test below.

Starboard Carve 121 has active characteristics and is a very fun board to sail. The narrow tail provides slightly less planning abilities compared to the Tabou Rocket 125 and also requires a bit more experienced sailor when it comes to gybing.

Hard facts
Starboard Carve 121:

Manufacturer: Starboard,
Length: 249 cm
Width: 67,9 cm
Volume: 121 L

Weight: 7,33 kg (Wood) 8,91 (Tufskin)
Sail range: 5,0 – 8,0

Wind Magazine, June 2010 – Starboard Carve 121

Compared to the Futura, the Starboard Carve 121 is longer and less wide for the same volume. The shape is thicker and more slender. Starboard Carve 121 is a board with a sporty character and sharp, without being difficult. Incisive under your feet, she’s fast and flies over chop with ample control. It’s not a board that flies out of control. Starboard Carve 121 is without doubt the one of those that are the most fun and with the highest potential for evolution. We recommend this board particularly for riders who are looking for boards that are planing fast. The Carve is accessible and nervous at the same time, great for tracking long reaches in a bay area, jump of chop and carve out beautiful jibes.

Boards (UK) August 2010Starboard Carve 121

On the water the Starboard Carve 121 is instantly likeable. It’s fast (second fastest in the group), comfortable, exciting and manoeuvrable – everything you could ask of a great freeride board.
We did find the fin a bit prone to spin-out, particularly at the bottom end with bigger sails. Once spin-out occurs it’s unfortunately one of those fins that’s quite difficult to bring back. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely the weakest point of this board.
In the gybes it’s similar to the Fanatic and suits a more skilled gyber who can set the board’s rail and drive it through the turn. For less skilled gybers the narrower tail and responsiveness do make it a little unsettled if you’re hesitant.
In our opinion Starboard Carve 121 is the true definition of a freeride board. It’s fast and manoeuvrable, exciting and comfortable, but most of all it’s a lot of fun!

Other windsurfing boards in the same test:

Exocet Sting 124, Fanatic Hawk 120, Goya FXR 125, JP X-Cite Ride 120, Naish Global Freeride, Quatro Freeride, RRD FireRide 125, Starboard Carve 121 and Tabou Rocket 125.

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