Tabou Rocket 125 LTD – Test 2011, 2012 and 2013


Tabou Rocket_2011_125 TestTabou Rocket continuous to receive excellent results in board tests. This season (2011)  the Tabou Rocket 125 and the larger 145 have been updated, and comes with high quality foot straps and a high performance Tabou fin.

Update 2013: The Tabou Rocket-range remains unchanged for 2013. Still scores best in test (Planchemag March-April 2013).
Update 2012:
The Tabou Rocket 125 and 145 remains unchanged for 2012.

Tabou Rocket 125 offers great average speed and top end control

The Tabou Rocket offers you early planing and great acceleration. The Rocket is quite non techy (in a good way), it´s very easy to unlock the early planing and to go really fast. There are boards within the free ride segment, like Starboard Carve and Fanatic Hawk that have slightly higher top speed but the Tabou Rocket is really competitive thanks to high average speed (due to early planing and excellent acceleration) and great top end control.

Hard facts – Tabou Rocket LTD 125, 2011/2012/2013

Manufacturer: Tabou Boards,
Designer: Fabien Vollenweider
Length: 250 cm
Width: 69 cm
Volume: 125 L

Weight: 7,0 (LTD), 7,8 (STD)
Sail range: 5,5 – 8,5

Tabou Rocket LTD 125 – Improvements 2010 vs 2011-2013

The new Tabou Rocket 125 and 145 offers more planing and better top end acceleration for 2011. The rocker has been smoothed out for quicker acceleration. Tabou Rocket has also got a new outline combined with a small winger on the tail aiming to give the Rocket  better top end control and a more active board feel. The increased double concave entry in the nose area will give the Rocket smoother characteristics.

Windsurf UK, Jan-Feb 2011 – Tabou Rocket LTD 125

The Tabou Rocket is very stable under foot. The hull design and large fin are incredibly effective at getting you up and planing. The Rocket lifts on to the plane extremely early and accelerates like a Rocket without requiring a massive amount of rider input or technique , making the Rocket the earliest and easiest planing board on test.

This is a quick board and it´s very easy to go fast on it, at the top end it can keep even the fastest of boards in check.

Around the corners the Tabou Rocket remains controlled and stable. It maintains speed well through the gibe. If you want to plane early and go fast then you won´t be disappointed with the Tabou Rocket.

Planchemag, March-April 2013 – Tabou Rocket LTD 125

The Tabou Rocket range remains the same for 2013. Still the Tabou Rocket is ranked “Best in test” in Planchemags Freeride test 2013, scoring 10 out of 10 when it comes to planing, controle, speed and gybing.
Plenchmag tested the Tabou Rocket against Exocet S Cross PRO Model 126, Fanatic Hawk Bamboo 125 and RRD Firestorm W Tech 120.

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