Fanatic Hawk 2012 – Freeride test


Fanatic Hawk 120 was top tested 2010 and for 2011 the sizes 110 and 135 was updated with the same great features as the siblings Fanatic Hawk 100 and 120.

Fanatic Hawk remains unchanged for 2012

Fanatic Hawk range remains unchanged for 2012. Why change a successful concept. The shaper Sebastian Wenzel gives us his thoughts behind the decision (video below).

Fanatic Hawk updates

Fanatic Hawk 2010 – 100L and 120L new shape compared to 2009
Fanatic Hawk 2011 – 110L and 135L new shape compared to 2009
Fanatic Hawk 2012 – The board range remains unchanged

Fanatic Hawk – Read about the uppdates 2009 vs 2010

Read the test: Fanatic Hawk 120 – Test 2010, 2011 and 2012

Fanatic Hawk 2012

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Fanatic Hawk 2012 - Freeride test, 7.0 out of 10 based on 15 ratings


  1. Bill Hilow says

    100lt This is the best board I have ever owned. I am 212lbs and advanced. I can sail this board with a 6.0 to 5.0 sail and it works fine. I sail mostly in the SF Bay Area and this area gets lots of wind. The strong points are planning, range, weight, speed and graphics,

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    • Claes says

      Hi Bill, We are following other sailors from SF bay, awesome spot you have there. We were in Rhodes a few weeks back and sailed with a guy ripping on a Hawk, keeping up with any of the other freerace boards. For the record and our european readers 212lbs = 96 kg. Thanks Bill for you feedback and feel free to post surf-pics if you have. Kind regards Claes

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  2. Bill Hilow says

    07/08/2015 New 2013 Hawk 97 Bamboo LWC.
    Arrived 07/06/2015 got it on the water 07/07/2015. Replaces my 2012 Hawk 100 LWC. Sailed in SF Bay @ Haskins Rd. Wind was 20-32 mph. Swell- 1m, flats near the leeward beach downwind. Sail was a 2011 Ezzy Wave SE 5.8. Used a MFC Liquid Pro32cm. Board eats chop. Comfortable on all points of sail. Somewhat heavy but stiff. Rockets off swell faces. Shaving 3liters off from the 2012 made control in heavy wind and small airs that much more enjoyable.
    A missile in the flats. The twin rear straps mean endless high-speed reaches. Single strap is fine for freestyle but if your forte’ is endless high speed reaches dual straps are the rule. For some reason the 2012 felt faster. However Sailing with my usual sailing partner. Using him as a gauge. The board didn’t feel as fast but I passed him as often as ever. Upwind, downwind and through heavy chop still fast. Jibing is not automatic. Rail pressure is required but the board responds. You can pick a spot between the swell and the hawk sticks it like a wave board. The best Bay Area board since the 1997 Mistral Electron XLE.

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