Fanatic Ray 115 – Test 2011 and 2012

Fanatic Ray 115 – Test 2011 and 2012


Fanatic Ray 115 - Test 2011 and 2012Fanatic Ray 2011 and 2012 has been developed side by side with Fanatic Falcon, Fanatics slalom board. The Fanatic Ray 115 scores really well when it comes to early planing and is considered to be one of theeasiest and most comfortable boards within the freerace segment. There are a few boards that are slightly faster but the Fanatic Ray is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, in rough conditions. As its predecessor the  Fanatic Ray offers excellent high end performance, and will offer you slalom performance that is quite easy to unlock.

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Hard facts – Fanatic Ray 115 LTD

Manufacturer: Fanatic,
Length: 240 cm
Width: 67 cm
Volume: 115 L
Weight: 6,6 kg
Sail range: 6,2 – 8,8

Boards (UK) May 2011 – Fanatic Ray 115:

Fanatic Ray is a very lively, fast feeling board to sail, and it doesn’t just feel fast – it is fast! On flat water the Fanatic Ray was one of the fastest boards on test, and as soon as the water chopped up a bit it took the lead, thanks to its active ride off the tail.

The Fanatic Ray definitely isn’t as easy to sail as some of the other the boards, and needs to be locked down to keep it in control, but its active ride does give an advanced rider opportunity to squeeze a bit more speed when required. At the top end the Fanatic Ray takes the most skill and technique to control.

In the gybe the Fanatic Ray felt one of the bigger, more technical boards of the group. On flat water the Fanatic Ray gybes fine (albeit not as tight as some), but in the chop it required more technique. The Fanatic Ray is a board for speed freaks who not only like to go fast, but also like the feeling of going fast! The Ray was the fastest board of the group in choppy water, but also one of the hardest to control when things got realy rough.

Windsurf (UK) May 2011 – Fanatic Ray 115:

The Fanatic Ray is a direct development of Fanatic’s Falcon, used in PWA racing, designed ta offer easy and controllable performance. The Fanatic Rays hull design features double concaves in the front section into a vee in the tail. New for this year are in the tail where the vee has been altered for better control at high wind speeds and thinner rails.

The Fanatic Ray 115 lifts quickly up onto the plane and accelerates smoothly towards maximum speed with ease. The ride from the straps is also very comfortable and the hull shape works very well to smooth out any bumps while you blast along.

The Fanatic Ray 115 is extremely fast on all points of sail and this is most prominent when the conditions start to get rough. In the gybe, the Ray holds its speed very well, exiting quickly and accelerating rapidly back up to top speed.

The Fanatic Ray is suitable for any level of rider from freerider to slalom racer looking for a-little more comfort around the race course or for just burning your mates at your local spot.

Fanatic Ray 2011 and 2012 – The shaper Sebastian Wenzel tells us about the board

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