GoPro Hero 3+ vs GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3+ vs GoPro Hero 3


GoPro Hero 3+There has been a lot of hype and speculations about the new Go Pro Hero 4. GoPro surprised the market with an updated GoPro 3 called GoPro 3+. However, there are quite a few new features on the GoPro Hero 3+ that makes it an upgrade candidate.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition

– 20% smaller body than GoPro Hero 3
– The all new SuperView gives you a super wide angel perspective.
– New Auto Low Light mode automatically changes the frame rate to the lighting conditions.
– Sharper lens that increases the image sharpness by 33%
– Improved audio
– 30% longer battery life
– Four time faster connectivity to the GoPro App
– Better connectivity to the included Wi-Fi Remote

Upgrade from GoPro Hero 3 to GoPro Hero 3+?

If you have a GoPro 3 black edition today you might be better of waiting for the GoPro Hero 4. If you have any of the pre GoPro Hero 3 Black editions I definitely would consider upgrading to the new GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition.

Edit: GoPro 3 vs GoPro 3+ – Housing and battery is compatible

The new GoPro 3+ is not smaller than the GoPro 3, the new housing is smaller. The camera body of the GoPro 3+ and the GoPro 3 actually fits in each other housings. The new more powerfull battery from the GoPro 3+ is compatible with the GoPro 3.

GoPro Hero2 to GoPro Hero 3

If you planning to go from GoPro 2 to GoPro 3 you have to prepare to invest in a new memory card since GoPro 2 uses a standard SD-card and the GoPro Hero 3 uses microSD. However GoPro Hero 3 creates larger files so we would recommend you to upgrade the memory card anyway, preferably a microSD 64 GB (speed class 10).

Garmin Virb XE

Garmin Virb XE

Garmin Virb X and XE – Serious competitor to the GoPro range

The all new Virb X and XE is packed with functions. The Virb´s integrated GPS will give you the possibility to show speed, acceleration and g-force as an overlay on your film. Awesome Garmin!
>> Garmin Virb X and XE with integrated GPS ie overlay finction

GoPro boom, mast and harness mount test

K4 GoPro harness mount test

Read the K4 GoPro harness mount test here on

We have testsed the GoPro Hero 3+ together with our GoPro mount Flymount 3 rd generation and the K4 GoPro harness mount.
 >> Flymount GoPro mount test
>> K4 GoPro harness mount test

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GoPro Hero 3+ vs GoPro Hero 3, 9.1 out of 10 based on 76 ratings


  1. hrasda says

    Soon the new Go Pro Hero 4 will be released, which wil be able to record in 4K resolution.

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    • Richard says

      Not only the 3+ but also the Hero 3 can already record in 4k!

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    • Huckster McPlush says

      The Hero 3 and Hero 3+ (black editions) already shoot @4k, but its limited to 15fps….supposedly the Hero 4 will be able to shoot @4k, 30fps…

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  2. Claes says

    I would be surprised if GoPro releases GoPro 4 within the next 6 months. Normally they have 12 months between the releases.

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  3. Trev T says

    Is there a viewfinder on any of these cameras? I want one for scuba diving and I want to know what I am imaging? Nothing on any website so far shows how to take the images, seems to be stick it somewhere and hope for the best, not much use really then is it?

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  4. GOPRO says

    On land you have the smartphone wi-fi connection for previewing pics and videos. Under water you wont miss the viewfinder. Its actually an advantage not to have one. With your GoPro mounted on a Gopole you will be able to concentrate on the dive and get really close to fishes.

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  5. says

    GoPro Hero 3+ release made us, GoPro fans excited. I especially use GoPro in my underwater shots. I am in love the way GOPro Hero 3 Black Edition records, but this new segment is better in a couple of ways. But there are also cons. Let me give you a few examples:

    Pros of the new GoPro Hero 3+

    *Wider angle to shoot
    *Smaller in size
    *Better low light mode

    Cons of the new GoPro Hero 3+

    *Warms very fast (not a problem for underwater users, but the rest)
    *Still has complex menu
    *Frequently looses wi-fi connection when an iPad is used

    I have a detailed review in my blog about GoPro Hero 3+, for the ones who are looking for more information, videos and reviews of other owners.

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