GoPro Hero 3+ vs GoPro Hero 3


GoPro Hero 3+There has been a lot of hype and speculations about the new Go Pro Hero 4. GoPro surprised the market with an updated GoPro 3 called GoPro 3+. However, there are quite a few new features on the GoPro Hero 3+ that makes it an upgrade candidate.

GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition

- 20% smaller body than GoPro Hero 3
- The all new SuperView gives you a super wide angel perspective.
- New Auto Low Light mode automatically changes the frame rate to the lighting conditions.
- Sharper lens that increases the image sharpness by 33%
- Improved audio
- 30% longer battery life
- Four time faster connectivity to the GoPro App
- Better connectivity to the included Wi-Fi Remote

Upgrade from GoPro Hero 3 to GoPro Hero 3+?

If you have a GoPro 3 black edition today you might be better of waiting for the GoPro Hero 4. If you have any of the pre GoPro Hero 3 Black editions I definitely would consider upgrading to the new GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition.

Edit: GoPro 3 vs GoPro 3+ – Housing and battery is compatible

The new GoPro 3+ is not smaller than the GoPro 3, the new housing is smaller. The camera body of the GoPro 3+ and the GoPro 3 actually fits in each other housings. The new more powerfull battery from the GoPro 3+ is compatible with the GoPro 3.

GoPro Hero2 to GoPro Hero 3

If you planning to go from GoPro 2 to GoPro 3 you have to prepare to invest in a new memory card since GoPro 2 uses a standard SD-card and the GoPro Hero 3 uses microSD. However GoPro Hero 3 creates larger files so we would recommend you to upgrade the memory card anyway, preferably a microSD 64 GB (speed class 10).

We have testsed the GoPro Hero 3+ together with our GoPro mount Flymount 3 rd generation. Read the Flymount introduction and the Flymount test here on

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