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Starboard Futura ReviewsFreerace – The golden compromise

The freerace segment is quite interesting. It will give you blistering speed inherited from the slalom segment and maneuverability and forgiving characteristics from the freeride segment.

Freerace – Plug and play but…

Now a days the freerace segment is pretty much plug and play. Compared to the freeride segment you most probably will get a lighter, stiffer and faster board but at the same time far less durable. Be prepared to bring your first aid board kit.

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GPS Speedsurfing – Compare your speed to windsurfers world wide

A hand held  GPS adds a new dimension to your windsurfing sessions. Upload your results to and compare your speed results to other windsurfers world wide. Read the article about Locosys Genie GT-31 and BGT-31.

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